News Update: Mutiny San Diego set for Oct. 27, 2018!


The most fun you’ll ever have on a golf course.


This year’s event is set for Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017 at the Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos, CA. The Mutiny is a scramble-style tournament with a shotgun start set for 11 a.m.! Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. so come early to get your game face on. You can register as a team of four, or sign up and we’ll place you on a team!

The entry fee for The Mutiny is $125 and includes:

  • 18 Crazy Holes of Golf
  • A Golf Cart (yes, you can decorate it as part of your costume!)
  • Craft beer
  • Catered Dinner & Dessert
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Entertainment
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Live & Silent Auctions
  • Contests (costume contest, music video contest, best and worst teams and more!)

One of the best parts about The Mutiny, aside from raising money for charity and having an unforgettable day golfing with friends, is the fact that our raffle prizes are amazing! Plus, we have a live and silent auction so there are lots of opportunities to take home something incredible such as a Scotty Cameron putter, Titleist driver, Travis Mathew golf bag, Sonos speakers, a YETI cooler, or a Nest or DropCam. We have tickets to Disneyland, Hornblower Cruises, and gift certificates for massages, golf, movie tickets, a resort getaway and everything in between!

As you can imagine, spots for The Mutiny sell out quickly. You’re only guaranteed a spot if you pay! The price goes up after September 1st so Register and Pay TODAY!


Taking it back to the 90’s.

That’s right – we’re going retro this year! The official theme for the 2017 Mutiny Golf Scramble is “90s TV Shows”. So many great shows; so many great costume ideas! Come ready to play dressed as your favorite 90s TV show character. We’re expecting a totally Fresh Prince, Dawson’s Creek, Boy Meets World, Full House, Rugrats, Seinfeld, Friends, Family Matters, Home Improvement, Beverly Hills 90210, That 70s Show, Beavis and Butthead, Blossom, and Pinky and the Brain kind of crazy this year.

The Mutiny Golf Holes are based on each year’s theme and are what make The Mutiny different from any other golf tournament! That means you’ll find plenty of references to 90s TV shows on the course. Each hole has a surprise or two (or three or four) in store making sure golfers never truly know what to expect around each corner. You’ll still find traditional holes such as Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin, as well as several Hole-in-One contests, but expect plenty of crazy and zany holes that may or may not involve turkeys, singing, inflatable dartboards or golfing with a gladiator.


Two locations and counting.


San Marcos, CA

Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos, CA is the location of choice for The Mutiny Golf Scramble and once you play, you’ll understand why! While the 18-hole championship course is beautiful and demanding for any golfer, we balance out the playing field with our Mutiny Holes making it even and level for golfers and non-golfers alike. Plus, San Marcos is just 30 miles north of San Diego making it easy and accessible for locals and jetsetters to play in The Mutiny.

Orlando, FL

We are excited to announce that the Mutiny Golf Scramble is expanding with a second location on the East coast! We’re bringing all the fun to Orlando, FL! The date is set for Saturday, April 21, 2018 at Hawk’s Landing Golf Club in Orlando, FL. The shotgun scramble will begin at 1 p.m. sharp! Don’t miss this incredible event. We are currently seeking sponsorships and volunteers. Proceeds raised at Mutiny Orlando will go to Wingmen Foundation. Sponsor and Player Registration is now live. Learn More!


Having fun while making a difference.

There are few things you need to know about The Mutiny. First, it’s epic. It really is the most unique and original game of golf you’ll ever play. Second, it’s for charity. Every cent of the proceeds is donated to Point the Way Foundation, a 501c3 that supports military and children organizations around the country. Playing golf = awesome. Donating to charity = awesome. Doing both at the same time = Epic. Our mission is pretty simple: to raise as much money as possible for Point the Way Foundation while providing an exciting, safe and unforgettable day for all participants.

Mutiny Golf Holes

Making this the most unique golf scramble you’ll ever play in.

We don’t want to ruin any surprises, but figure we’d at least give you a chance to prepare for this year’s Mutiny Holes. You’ll still find traditional holes such as Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin, but expect plenty of crazy and zany holes that may or may not involve turkeys, singing, inflatable dartboards or golfing with a gladiator.

Hole One: “Saved by the Ball” – Bayside is all about team spirit…one team – one ball. Don’t lose it!

Hole Two: “Seinfeld” – No soup ‘fore’ you! Try to get the longest drive while The Soup Nazis do their best to heckle you.

Hole Three: “Who wants to be a Millionaire” – Ok, maybe not a millionaire, but you could win 50% of the pot if you get closest to the pin.

Hole Four: “Golden Girls” – Does the club really make the player? You’ll find out when we make you golf with our old clubs!

Hole Five: “Par-tee of Five” – The one and only hole at The Mutiny where 5 players is allowed and encouraged.

Hole Six: “Price is Right” – You’ll want a little luck on your side before teeing off on this hole.

Hole Seven: “Dawson’s Creek” – Sink or swim at this short but tricky water hazard hole.

Hole Eight: “Baywatch” – Where there is sand, there must be lifeguards…

Hole Nine: “American Gladiator” – What would this hole be without a few obstacles to beat?

Hole Ten: “Full House” – Play Black Jack and try for a hole-in-one to win a Mercedes? You got it dude!

Hole Eleven: “Married with Children” – Al Bundy has a few things up his sleeve, or rather down his pants, for this hole.

Hole Twelve: “Step-by-Step” – We recommend recruiting a few soccer players for this hole.

Hole Thirteen: “7th Heaven” – You’ve probably guessed it… this hole is played with your 7 iron only.

Hole Fourteen: “Coach” – We’re doing everything but golf at this hole. We call it leveling the playing field.

Hole Fifteen: “Friends” – The one with all the Thanksgivings…

Hole Sixteen: “SNL” – Wayne and Garth are going to make you SCHWING HARD on this long drive hole.

Hole Seventeen: “MTV Total Request Live” – We can’t have a 90s theme without some 90s music videos.

Hole Eighteen: “Family Matters” – Two words…. Steve Urkel. Enough said.

Prizes and Raffles

Awesome prizes and raffles.

As one of our lucky auction or raffle prize winners, you might find yourself going home with a Scotty Cameron putter, a Titleist driver, a Travis Mathew golf bag, Sonos speakers, a YETI cooler, a Nest or even a hot air balloon ride. In addition, we always have tickets to places like Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo, plus gift certificates for massages, golf, movies, resort getaways and everything in between!

Catered Dinner

Great times call for great food.

Our catered dinner not only features incredible food and desserts, but is also when we announce the winners of the day’s contests (e.g., best costume, longest drive, closest to the pin, 50/50 pot, etc.). It’s actually such a popular event that some players have guests that come just for dinner (you can buy dinner tickets here). It really is the perfect ending to a perfect day on the course.


Get to know the gang.

  • austin-tudor


    Golf Guru


    Golf Guru

    Austin is our resident golfer and helps the team create many of the ideas and rules behind The Mutiny Holes. He’s contributed to the Mutiny for the last 4 years and loves coming up with holes that challenge golfers of every skill level. Austin refers to The Mutiny as “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and counts down the days until the next time he can tee it up with a tennis racket or hockey stick.

  • chad-buckmaster


    Mutiny Master


    Mutiny Master

    “Ask Dawn” is the phrase of the day at The Mutiny! As San Diego’s tournament coordinator, Dawn has the answers to everything from registration, holes, challenges and rules, to raffles, auctions, prizes, food, beer and even restroom locations. Don’t worry, if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll totally make one up for you!

  • Dawn-Berry


    Chair Commander


    Chair Commander

    “Ask Dawn” is the phrase of the day at The Mutiny! As San Diego’s tournament coordinator, Dawn has the answers to everything from registration, holes, challenges and rules, to raffles, auctions, prizes, food, beer and even restroom locations. Don’t worry, if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll totally make one up for you!

  • Jun-Kim


    Token Nerd


    Token Nerd

    We’ll be honest, Jun knows more about rocket science and black matter than he does golf, but he’s organized and is good at running events with the ability to calm chaos with his annoyingly rationale thinking. Don’t be afraid to ask him about golf, though – or any sport really. He’s “that guy” who can talk about anything and will literally make you question everything.

  • Mark

    Communications Chair


    Communications Chair

  • Romeo

    Culinary Specialist


    Culinary Specialist

    Romeo can usually be found on the course with a taco in one hand and a beer in the other. How he finds time to swing a club we may never know…. Don’t let his 25-handicap fool you, he and his team actually won the scramble a few years ago. Be sure to drop by the hole Romeo has so graciously sponsored for the last 5 years and have one of his Awesome Street Tacos! By the way Romeo is Single…looking to mingle…..must love traveling.

  • Scott

    Art Director


    Art Director

    As a former professional hand model and creative director for Scott enjoys cheese, wispy grasses and a really good milk steak. His golf game is a lot like Jordan Spieth minus all the good shots, prize money and respect. He is currently perfecting the art of wine making in his bathtub.

  • Taylor

    Volunteer Chair


    Volunteer Chair

    Taylor has been rounding up and coordinating volunteers for the last 3 years at the Mutiny Golf Scramble. You’ll see her running around the course throughout the day making sure our awesome volunteers are happy, hydrated, full and having as much fun as possible! If you buy her a drink and tell her she is cool, your chances of being placed at a beer hole increase.


Have a couple questions? Take a look and see if someone has already asked.

Where do proceeds from Mutiny San Diego go?

All proceeds from The Mutiny go directly to Point the Way Foundation, a 501c3 that supports non-profit military and children organizations across the country. Point the Way also has a scholarship fund and hosts a ton of great events throughout the year.

Learn more at!

Do I need a full team to sign up?

Absolutely not! You can sign up as a single, double or even a threesome. We’ll make sure to complete your team!

Is there an age limit?

Yes. All Mutiny Golf Scramblers must be at least 21 years of age.

What does the entry fee include?

Registration includes 18 holes of golf, a cart, lunch, snacks, dinner, desserts, two drink tickets, a swag bag, entertainment, a live and silent auction, raffle prizes, contests, awards and crazy memories to last forever!

How long does the day usually last?

This all depends on how much fun you want to take in!! Registration begins at 9:30 am, with the tournament starting at 11 a.m. The tournament usually ends around 4 p.m. We follow golf with a reception between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., and schedule dinner and the awards ceremony to begin shortly thereafter.

What can I expect as a player?

While we want to just say expect fun on this one, we do need to address a few other things here. For example, if you are a serious golfer, please do not expect to play a serious game of golf. We weave traditional golf into The Mutiny, but it is mostly fun and games and all players are expected to participate in the crazy. This is also the reason our 18 holes take a tish bit longer than a regular round of golf, so expect play to be a little slower than normal.

As a player, can I bring a guest to the dinner?

The answer is yes. The stipulation is they’ll have to pay $20. They can do that here.

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

Negative. But don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of food and beverages available on the course!

Is there a dress code?

Costumes are highly encouraged, but should you choose to forgo dressing up, feel free to wear whatever is comfortable. Of course, there is no nudity allowed and we have the right to turn away anything deemed unsuitable. We recommend buying one of our snazzy Travis Mathew Mutiny golf shirts to wear for the day!

What is the inclement weather policy?

We will reschedule the tournament and provide refunds to anyone not able to play on the new date.

I registered, but didn’t pay yet. Do I have a spot?

No. Only paid players are guaranteed a spot. We recommend not waiting as we sell out fast! Register and pay HERE to secure your spot on the links!